Most mental health professionals and their clients recognize the necessity of treating mental and emotional problems within the context of the family system. Research has shown that these family-based interventions are as effective—and in many cases more effective—than alternative interventions, often at a lower cost. Studies demonstrate that family therapy is a preferred method of treatment for depression, substance abuse, alcoholism, marital problems, child problems, couple enrichment, and schizophrenia, to name a few.

Couples & Family Counseling


At The Art of Becoming, the aims of group therapy are to assist individuals in a supportive climate to identify, exploration and work through emotions such as: Anxiety, Depression, Anger and Grief (to name a few) that often debilitate our lives.  Groups are facilitated for both individuals and couples to achieve goals that include: Improved Self Value, Positive Communication, Emotional Enrichment and Relational Appreciation.  The approach is focused on self-improvement and accountability versus the shame/blame narratives that reinforce the chronic negative cycles that steal life from individuals, families and communities.​


Marriage and Family Therapy, P.C.


The Art of Becoming, Inc. is a private psychotherapy practice, founded in the belief that a person’s journey of self-development is a practiced Life Art! Having the privilege to be the highest form of creation, humanity is confronted with the greatest difficulties to overcome, such as adjusting to change and the many life transitions associated with relationship struggles, past trauma, loss and grief, personal and professional growth trials, to name a few.  At times these challenges can create subtle or very obvious emotions that color how we view ourselves and others. If you notice yourself in the same repeating negative patterns, unable to realize goals you set for yourself, in relationships that never seem to be good for you, unable to recover from negative past events or just feeling lonely, depressed, anxious, angry, or hopeless; we aim to help you gain clarity and a direction for your self-development.

Individual Counseling