"We are the Art of our Becoming"

                                                                                 ~ BE ~

Nieema R. Alford, LMFT is the founder of The Art of Becoming, Inc. (A.O.B.) a clinical private practice and platform for the life art of self-development in the community, a New York State licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach and has served as an Adjunct Professor at Mercy College.  In 2014, Nieema received honorable recognition from the Honor Societies of the Scho​ol of Social and Behavioral Sciences at Mercy College for her exemplary support of academic excellence. With a passion for progress and forward thinking, in 2011 Nieema founded an organization called, The Art of Becoming, Inc. (A.O.B) with aims dedicated to the progressive development of humanity engaging in the professional, personal and social development of individuals within the many contexts of their lives.  One of the core aspects that A.O.B seeks to address, is that as individuals we face many challenges and experience a wealth of achievements that are often either under-appreciated or under-utilized.  For this purpose Nieema formed (A.O.B) to pursue aims that promote the process of self-development as a Spirit, Mind & Body life art; strengthening individuals to generate productivity, satisfaction and growth. Through the development and facilitation of A.O.B enrichment workshops, Nieema continues to partner with community organizations, professional networks and local ministries to promote the investigation of all things as a practiced Life Art, not only to solve the problems and improve the conditions we face, but to re-attribute our life’s significance in new and progressive ways.  

Sasha Diaz-Miranda is A.O. B’s Office Manager ( a.k.a A.O.B’s Angel) ensuring the coordination of care for the A.O.B client family and team.  This includes the facilitation of clients engaging services with A.O.B., bridging services with the community and liaising with insurance providers.  Sasha has a special interest in the emotional, mental and physical health of  the community.  She is a prospective medical school student in the field of psychiatry and has a diverse background in administrative organization. Sasha is Bilingual in English and Spanish and is an essential component to orchestrating a seamless experience for the community to connect to A.O.B “Where Self Development becomes a Life Art.”  

                                                        “People start to heal the moment they feel heard.”
Cheryl Richardson ~

Sheila believes that once a client feels heard in therapy, they can begin to bring their guard down and become “explorers of self” with the therapist, to work on the problems they face. Sheila draws from various family systems theories including: Solution-focused, Bowenian and Narrative therapy to explore how clients come to experience themselves in relationship to their challenges. By highlighting the strengths and resiliency often born in life of the problem; she assists clients in addressing their concerns from an empowered and accountable position. Sheila also believes that being culturally competent and sensitive are paramount to providing a healthy therapeutic environment when working with diverse family’s systems.

Sheila is currently a Senior Master’s degree candidate in Marriage and Family Therapy at Mercy College. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural and Deviance Studies from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. This contributes to her understanding of deviance as a concept of difference and diversity within the framework of cross-cultural research. Her professional background includes working with Immigrant minors and their families in the capacity of case management, providing:  advocacy, identifying and obtaining community resources (such as legal aid) and facilitating the process of reunification with their families.  Sheila has a passion for this population as she comes from an immigrant family herself. Sheila is Bilingual in Spanish and English. She believes that it is a privilege to work with people from all walks of life and looks forward to expanding her experience by journeying therapeutically with clients and the narratives they come to know themselves through.



                                         "We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope"
                                                                              ~ Martin Luther King Jr ~

Linette has professionally served in the field of mental health for more than seventeen years.  She is currently a Senior Master’s Degree candidate in Marriage and Family Therapy at Mercy College. She received her Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice at Monroe College in New York City.   She realized long ago that she had a passion for serving the needs of the culturally diverse families that make up our communities. Throughout Linette’s academic and professional journey, she has come to formulate a perspective that allows her to be With her clients in a co-created way:

“We are all connected through circumstance. There are no exemptions from the highs and lows of life; We all will face these challenges. However, steering towards new ways of understanding our challenges and how to recreate the beauty that has been lost through the trials we face, is an objective that I will strive for with clients.”

Family dynamics, relationship concerns, and self-concepts are all perspectives for which life challenges may present themselves. The purpose is not to think these challenges are avoidable, but to embrace and work through these unavoidable events in our lives as part of our life print.  Linette’s eclectic style draws from a variety of approaches including Narrative, Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focus, and Family Systems theories.