​​​                                                                          Where Self Development Becomes a Life Art!

 At The Art of Becoming, clients will experience the humanistic and life enriching approach presented by the Founder and Practice Director - Nieema R. Alford, a New York State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. 

The Art of Becoming (A.O.B) is a clinical practice conveniently located in the North Bronx, providing professionally skilled counseling services to individuals, couples, families and groups seeking to enrich their life expression through the identification and pursuit of aspirational goals and the resolution of mental and emotional distress. 

As individuals we face many challenges and experience a wealth of achievements that oftentimes are under appreciated and under – utilized. The Art of Becoming (A.O.B) promotes the investigation of all things as a practiced Life Art in systemic and relational ways, not only to solve the problems and improve the conditions we face, but to re-attribute our life’s significance in new and enriching ways. 

If you are having a difficult time creating a peaceful balance in your life, therapy might be the next step.  At The Art of Becoming, the therapeutic process of Self Development is embraced as a life Art! You will be offered a private and confidential setting to think through and discuss your concerns, express emotions, understand your thoughts and feelings, and explore resolutions to your problems.  A.O.B is dedicated to safely guiding individuals, couples, families and groups in their process of becoming healed, enriched and being the goal they seek.  

The Art of Becoming (A.O.B) invites you to view your life challenges as opportunities to produce healthy, mutual relationships and discover new and purposeful ways to strengthen positive self beliefs to generate productivity, satisfaction and growth.

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